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COVID-19 Vacation Rental
Deep Cleaning

To protect our clients, we must protect ourselves as well before cleaning any rental property. New gloves and masks are required before going to any home. Once the property is cleaned, our employees must disinfect their own equipment for 36 hours.


To further protect you and our employees, we only assign one job per team a day to avoid infection from one house to another.

Deep Cleaning 

Vacuuming, cleaning faucets, ceiling fans, windows, blinds, vent covers, doors, carpets, trash cans, chairs, couches, beds, cabinets & drawers, all sanitized and disinfected, even hard to reach places will be cleaned, no small detail goes unnoticed!

Your property disinfected in 1-2-3!


Full Kitchen & Bathroom

Full cleaning for your kitchen and bathrooms, no small detail uncleaned


Floors & Surfaces

Disinfecting your floors and surfaces like tables or



Priority Cleaning

Disinfecting all your doorknobs, light switches, tv remote and other high-touch areas

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(800) 728-9307


What Our Clients Say About Us

"Always Faithful Cleaning is very punctual, courteous, friendly, organized, approachable and very detail oriented. Highly recommend their services!"


  Rob C.

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