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How to Create a Travel Guide for your Vacation Rental Guests

As more travel restrictions are lifted, people cannot wait to get outside and travel once again. However, regulations vary from country to country. Make a positive impact on your guests and help inform them of any need-to-know items by creating a travel guide specific to your property.

Get started creating a unique travel guide for your vacation rental by including the following suggestions.

1) Welcome Letter

A welcome letter is a space for you to include any house rules or list important items your guests will likely need to know right away, such as:

  • Check-in and Check-out Times

  • Overnight guest information

  • Smoking rules

  • Quiet hours

  • WiFi instructions and password

  • Emergency protocol

Here is where you would also list the operational information about your property. You can also introduce yourself and tell the guests more about you.

Lastly, leave your contact information in case they need to reach you during their stay.

2) Outdoor Activities

Next, fine-tune your travel guide by offering suggestions for nearby outdoor activities.

  • Trails – Whether your property is in the city or the heart of nature, suggest various hiking and walking trails in the area for those who crave adventure and others who prefer enjoying a light stroll.

  • Recreation – A nearby park can serve many uses for your guests. Whether they opt to get some exercise, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the view, a trip to the park can be a great outdoor activity. Be sure to also list any parks with swings, slides, or other play equipment for your guests with small children.

  • National Parks – National parks boast some of the top landscapes and opportunities for outdoor recreation. If your vacation rental property is near one, be sure to include it in your Airbnb listing.

3) Food and Drinks

Without a doubt, the foodservice industry was one of the areas affected hard by the pandemic.

There’s a good chance that guests staying at a vacation rental property may want to have a night free of cooking (and dirty dishes). Include a list of restaurants covering a variety of budgets and taste preferences in your travel guide. Guests will appreciate your suggestions when it comes to any unique local restaurants and bars.

If your property is more secluded, listing nearby grocery stores will encourage guests to stock up on essentials during their stay.

Lastly, list a few nightlife opportunities for guests looking to explore the bar scene in your area.

4) Attractions

Every Airbnb location has its special characteristics that make them unique. These features may come in the form of museums, unique architecture, or natural scenery. Often, these desired attractions have a historical connection to that town or country that visitors will want to discover.

Most people travel to specific areas to view these attractions. Be sure to include these popular attractions as well as smaller, lesser-known attractions in your guide. Consider taking an extra step by including any additional information such as parking details, whether tickets need to be purchased in advance, and the distance from your property.

5) Transportation

Transportation is a critical component to traveling. It can also cause unwanted stress for guests unfamiliar with the area and how to best navigate to get to their destination.

Your guests will find transportation resources beneficial during their stay. Consider including the following to assist your guests in their planning.

  • Bus stops

  • Train stations

  • Shuttle services

  • Bike rentals

  • Rental cars

  • Nearest airports

For guests choosing to drive, parking can be an issue for those unfamiliar with the area. Be sure to include any parking recommendations, such as parking structures or discounted lots that guests might not be aware of.

6) Directions

In regards to all of your recommendations, it is helpful to include general directions or landmarks.

Including the time and/or distance it takes to travel to these destinations you have listed is another excellent way to provide value to your travel guide readers. Always remember to take traffic into account and warn guests of highly congested freeways or roads. You might also consider recommending longer, scenic routes for guests during peak traffic hours.

7) Art

Highlighting any local art is a great way to entice visitors to visit local galleries, museums, or maybe even touring some street art or murals.

Providing some eye-catching photographs in your travel guide will showcase the beauty of the places you listed.

Presenting Your Travel Guide in Your Vacation Rental Property

Here are three ways you may wish to display your travel guide:

  • Shareable Link or File – Create a link to your website or file to share information electronically quickly. Adding a link to your vacation rental property on Airbnb is a great way to entice potential guests into seeing key activities and places. Consider communicating with your guests in advance of their trip to assist them as they start planning.

  • QR Code – A QR code is a scannable auto-generated code that directs you to a website or webpage with more information. Typically, people will use their cell phone’s camera to obtain the content. By creating a QR code, your guests will be able to view your travel guide electronically right from their own personal devices.

  • Physical Book – Displaying a physical travel guide is an excellent add-on to any table. If you would like to get creative, use a website that can generate templates, customize fonts, and upload images. Next, print out the pages and add them to a binder or even publish them through an online company such as Snapfish or Shutterfly to create an impressive guide.

Creating a travel guide for your vacation rental property creates value for your vacation rental and guests.

Including your travel guide in your online booking listing will entice potential guests by showing what is near your vacation rental property. With that in mind, as long as the attractions you have listed are accurate and up-to-date, guests will be more likely to give you a higher rating and return for their next vacation.

Looking for more Airbnb host tips? Follow our blog for more ways you can get your property ready for the busy summer season.

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