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How to Make Money with Vacation Rental: Tips for First-Timers

According to vacation rental pros, these are some tips that can help you, a newbie, get started with some Airbnb action!


Like anything in life, if you want to start something you need to dip your toes in some information so you can get an idea of what you’re getting into, so searching for information on tips for Airbnb, setting rates, checking on your state’s regulations and overal how to give a great experience to your guests, would be a good start for first-timers in the industry.

Lucky for you there’s plenty of information you can find, that will help you on your journey to become an Airbnb rockstar, and you can start at the source, with the Airnb Blog.


Try to fight against your voices saying that you can save here and there. Unless you’re a pro, doing things yourself might not seem as good as they should, or purchasing certain items that don’t look as good as the slightly more expensive ones. But think about it in this way, it’s just a one time thing for possibly a long time, you’ll get your ROI if you really wow guests.

Great decorations speak for itself and creating a comfortable atmosphere for your guests enjoyment, goes a long way.

Remember to keep it simple with the color palettes and neutral colors, that way you can appeal to more people, instead of a few people if you get too wacky with your style.

Not only decoration, but of course the furniture and especially the bed! Invest in great linens and fluffy pillows.

Remember, your guests want comfort and to enjoy your place. To help make every detail count, you can see more tips on how to decorate your place, and if you’re looking for somebody to help you make your rental spotless look no further and contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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