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Improve Your Airbnb with These Simple Tips

We’ve seen many Airbnb rentals in our years of working in the field and many people make some mistakes that can be corrected easily and make a big difference. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve your rental without spending any money.

Less Clutter

One of the most common mistakes we’ve seen is cluttering furniture to fit more people and also mismatched furniture, specifically sofas or chairs in the living room. We know that you’re trying to accommodate more people and it’s better for your pocket but that might be hurting your chances of getting more customers. Seeing a mismatched and cluttered space is a turnoff for many and makes you look unprofessional.

Try to keep some open spaces or replace unnecessary furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose or nobody uses (like a small table in the corner, some shelves with decor only, etc.) with functional furniture like more seats (preferably same color or at least same style)

Some people tend to have all their kitchen appliances out, this will look messy even if it’s not, try to hide them, at least the small ones and just add a nice small potted plant.

Remember the rule of design: less is more.

Small Details

Knowing how to fold towels in the bathroom might sound silly but having some pictures of your bathroom with beautifully folded towels can make a difference, it says that you take care of your customers by handling small details.

Another detail that makes a huge difference is hiding cords! Having an ugly cord stand out on a wall or just hanging from a table or some other place is never good, hide them or paint them so they become invisible.

Overdoing it with decor is also a small detail that can change your room, try to keep it simple, never clutter a table, or corner, it all depends on the size of the space, the smaller the item or space, the fewer and smaller decorations you need. If you want something that stands out, a single colorful painting on a white wall can be enough, but remember to match it with the style or theme of your rental.

Stay Up to Date on Trends

We’re not saying that you need to change all of your old furniture to get new ones but for example a simple solution is to remove your European pillows, they are not used anymore. Keeping an eye on what’s trending is simple these days, just follow decorators on Pinterest or Instagam and you’ll get an idea of what’s in and what’s out!

Always Spotless

This is a no brainer for most people but there are a few that don’t consider having their rental cleaned professionally, or at least doing that themselves fully. Every area must be cleaned, every space, corner, rug, sofa, mirrors, etc. so many things to take into consideration, but that will make the difference and will improve your ratings as well.

And remember, if you definitely don’t want or can’t clean, we can help you out! We will clean your rental professionally.

Extra tip: This one is a ‘just in case’, try not to have any décor with sentimental value, it might get broken by accident.

Remember to upload new pictures after you’re done applying these tips, you’ll get more people renting your place with those new changes!

And if you need any help cleaning your rental, you can call us

to do the job for you!

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