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Is Your Rental Ready For Summer?

Summer is near and people are ready to travel and enjoy their vacations, so chances are your Airbnb rental will be booked back to back leaving you little time to act on emergencies or any restock needs.

Lucky for you, with our years of experience, we have acquired some tips to be prepared for the summer booking chaos.


Make sure you have a double set of sheets for each bed and double set of towels per person (the maximum number of people who can stay in your rental) as well.

If you use a duvet, we recommend having two duvet covers and make sure they are not mismatched, stained or are old and worn out.

If you use a comforter, you should also have double, but preferably you should change a comforter for a duvet.

Please, avoid mismatched, stained, worn out towels, sheets or anything!

You can read more bedding tips.

General Stock

We recommend having enough supplies or restock for the guests, since most of the properties will be back to back, that will save you an emergency trip.

Don’t forget towels and linens as well, having double for each person, as a minimum, but it depends on how long people usually stay in your rental.

Other Details

Are pictures of your listing up to date? Make sure you have current photos of your listing, in case you forgot to take a picture of that cool new paint you added in the living room, or that new sofa that gives the place a refreshed look.

If you have only one trash bin, make sure you have two or double recycle bins as well, as you know summers get crazy and more trash is wasted than in winter or other seasons, the trash bin gets filled faster, so that’s a good detail to keep in mind.

Make sure you don’t need repairs like a loose door, faulty cabinets, damaged remote control, old windows that don’t stay open. Because fly season is coming as well, make sure you have screens, or that they are in good condition (no holes or busted ones).

Make sure your drains are working correctly and not draining slow or at all.

If you have a sofa-bed, make sure it is working properly, it has to open easy.

Pots and pans, glasses and bowls/dishes, very important! If they look old, change them for new ones. A good tip or formula for a good amount of dishes is if 8 people can fit in your rental, make sure you have 10 of everything, meaning big dishes, 10 small ones, 10 coffee mugs, 10 glasses, 10 sets of cutlery, as a minimum!.

Pro tip: Have black makeup towels to avoid guests using your white wash cloths.

As a Plus

To speed things up between bookings and cleaning, if you have a washing machine in the rental, you can leave instructions to your guests before they checkout to add towels to the washing machine. Since they take longer to dry, this can help us clean everything else quicker, and not wait for the towels to dry.

Another detail that can help us have your rental clean quicker is if your guests load the dishwasher as well.

If you know your guest have checked out, before checkout time, please contact us. Then we can start to clean earlier, and have your rental ready before the next check in.

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