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Leaving Welcome Gifts for Your Guests

This will always delight your guests. A welcome gift is a beautiful gesture, so why not make it interesting (and maybe even win their hearts to earn a 5-star review). Let’s talk about the different types of gifts or baskets you can create, depending on the occasion.

The Classic Gift Basket

  • Your personal welcome note

  • An item related to your area and what it’s known for: a food, the mountains, a lake or beach, an event, so maybe some flip flops, local beer, unique snacks from your area, you get the idea.

  • Your classic samples of candles and/or soaps.

  • A lovely gift is, if possible, a deal with a local business for a complimentary sample or a discount of sorts.

Romantic Basket

If they are celebrating something special like a honeymoon or anniversary, a congratulations card is a must along with a bottle of wine or sparkling, chocolate and flowers.

Birthday Basket

A birthday card along with a cupcake from a local bakery would be a nice surprise, along with a candle and maybe even some birthday hats for the amount of guests staying there.

All of these extras take time and money, so you might want to be smart about it and purchase at a discount or bulk items that won’t expire for a long time, and you know you’ll get to use soon.

If you don't live local or would like help with leaving the perfect gift, ask us about our gift options. We'll help you select the perfect gift to WOW your guests!

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