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Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

There’s a lot of competition out there. With so many rental options near yours, it's important that you make your Airbnb rental stand out from the rest. If you have the funds to improve your rental, here are some tips that you can take to make your Airbnb beautiful, and get more customers that way.

First, there are many ways to redesign your rental. In this case, we will give you some tips for a clean, modern and minimal look that’s timeless, easy to clean and also gives room for the decor to speak. This means you can add something unique as a decoration, to make it pop, while maintaining painting and furniture clean and simple.

Modern Furniture

It is easy to go wrong with furniture. There are so many options and one might think that having something bulky and big might be very comfortable, and good for your rental, but don’t underestimate the slim, clean lines on modern furniture. They might not look comfy, but they are, plus they look a hundred times better than those big sofas, they don’t take as much space and give room to a nice side table or other decorations without looking cluttered.


I know what you’re probably thinking, it’s hard to stand out without any colors or patterns that pop! You’re absolutely right, but leave those patterns and crazy colors or design to certain items only, those being wall art, rugs, cushions and maybe beddings if the pattern is worth it.

Walls and Curtains

In order for your patterned items to stand out, the walls and curtains in your rental must be clean and simple, keep them white and your curtains a neutral color. That way your ‘pop’ items will definitely pop. Although it is important to consider that if your walls have darker colors, the curtains would be better with whites or neutral colors as well and if you have light colors for walls and you don’t have anything else to make a splash near your window, the curtains themselves can be the ones with the statement.

Beautiful Floors

This can be a bit pricey, but if you can replace your floor with some hardwood or tiled floor, that can make your rental instantly better. We don’t recommend carpets because they are old school and they are messy. A carpet can hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch, so in other words, it’s dirtier than your toilet, so keep away from carpets!

Simple Decor

Usually people overdo it with their decorations. Either there are too many in one room or space or it’s too big for a table, there are several ways decor can go wrong so just remember to keep it simple. One item can say alot in the right place, so never clutter. If you have a coffee table, two small items can be enough. Not cluttering will make your house look bigger, and that goes for furniture as well.

You Can Choose a Theme

If clean and modern lines are not for you, or just don’t apply to your location, this is another option you can have that can be great for business.

Maybe your city has a special, unique look, respecting that is great since probably people are visiting because of your cities unique look and history. You can try and capture the essence of your culture through it’s furniture and decoration.

That Instagrammable Spot

You are still not loving the idea of having a clean look and want to show your creativity.

A good idea is to have an instagrammable spot where you make a bold statement and break the rules. Maybe it’s a corner or a small wall where you want to go crazy and add a color or wallpaper that truly stands out. Go for it! Having one crazy spot will make it stand out and make your place unique.

Applying these simple tips will make your place much better, and most importantly,

remember to keep your Airbnb clean, we can help you keep your rental spotless!

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