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Tips and Recommendations for a Perfect Bed

The bed is arguably the most important item in a rental home, therefore having the perfect bed must be a priority.

Tips and Recommendations for a Perfect Bed

The bed is arguably the most important item in a rental home, therefore having the perfect bed must be a priority. For some people, the bed is overlooked easily and sometimes the quality of the items in that bed are poor, old or cheap. This can be dangerous, since a good night sleep is crucial and having stains on the sheets or a flat, yellow pillow is a deal breaker.

Here are some simple tips and recommendations we have acquired in our years of experience, that can show you what to buy to have the perfect bed for your guests.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is important because it prevents allergens like mold or dust mites from collecting in your bed, therefore increasing the longevity of the mattress and most importantly, being a safe and healthy place to rest and sleep.

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is helpful because it not only provides an extra comfy level to your bed, but also works as an odor eliminator. In addition, it makes the bed waterproof to avoid any accidents ruining the mattress. Some pads also make the bed cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Sheet Set

We recommend egyptian cotton sheets because some people are allergic to polyester or micro fibers, plus it’s synonymous with comfort and luxury. A good thread count (number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch of fabric) is important. The higher the thread count, the better. As a minimum, we recommend you buy 600-count, they are very soft to the touch, 800 and above would be better, but do not go below 600. This count provides you with a cool summer sleep, but also can keep you warm in the winter and 800-thread count gets even softer and warmer when in cold weather.

Pillow Protector

A pillow protector brings the same pros to the pillow as the mattress protector, keeps the pillow clean as well, nobody wants to see a yellow pillow, and also prevents allergens, keeping the pillow clean and healthy as well.

Pillow Check

It is important to keep in mind for your to-do items, a pillow check once a month to see if the pillow is not too hard, not too soft or flat, stained, yellow, etc. Remember to keep the pillow fluffy before guests arrive. It not only looks new, but it's also welcoming and guests can tell you look after them with those types of details.


A duvet is a soft bedding material and it comes with a cover as well, for protection. This helps with making your bed much faster and easier because rather than having a lot of levels of blankets and sheets and other coverings, a duvet is most of the time enough (not in extreme weather) to work as a beautiful design and functionality on its own. A duvet is not a comforter, the latter is a quilted one piece bedding while the duvet has two pieces and it usually has natural or synthetic fibers. We recommend a duvet because it’s easy to care for, it’s versatile and it’s fluffy and easy to clean and to replace the cover or insert.

Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is another layer of protection, in this case it’s for the duvet, but it offers a soft touch and a plush experience. It also makes it more durable, comfortable and breathable. You can easily wash the cover and it is often recommended to wash it before the first use.

Our many years of experience cleaning vacation rentals have taught us the importance of a good bed experience for your guests and with these tips you can’t go wrong! Trust us, it’s worth it!

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