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Three Things You Need to Know About Vacation Rental Cleaning

What does it take to get a 5-star review? It might be a lot easier than you realize!

Did you know that most negative reviews are written by guests dissatisfied with a messy, poorly cleaned vacation rental? Surprised? Hopefully not, a well-cared-for vacation home goes a long way to ensure guest satisfaction, rave reviews, and loyal direct bookers.

1. Hire a professional Airbnb/VRBO cleaning company between guest bookings.

Travelers often hold vacation rentals to the same high standards of cleanliness as full-service hotels, even though rental hosts don’t have access to the same full-time housekeeping crews that hotels do. However, hosts can bring in a team of professional cleaners to scrub their rental properties from top to bottom between guest bookings, taking care of the entire turnover cleaning process. It’s easier than ever to hire a professional vacation rental cleaning service to tidy up your property after the guests depart, and before the next guests arrive.

2. Keep tabs on toiletries and supplies.

Keeping your vacation rental adequately stocked with toiletries and other supplies is an important part of ensuring guest satisfaction. It’s easy to slip up and forget to replace supplies like paper towels and toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap and you can bet your guests will certainly take notice! So what can you do? It’s worth hiring a vacation rental cleaning company who will take the time to do a quick inspection of all your properties while cleaning, check the supplies and notify you of any that need to be replenished before the next guest checks in and even restock for you. Automating this simple step allows you to be proactive about ensuring your guests’ satisfaction, all without requiring you to add another step to your to-do list.

3. Schedule periodic deep cleanings.

Although cleaning your vacation rental between guest check-outs will keep your property looking fresh and tidy most of the time, it’s important to schedule periodic deep cleanings of your unit, too. These are services that aren’t required all the time, but maybe necessary 4 times per year or at least 2 times per year. When hiring a short-term rental cleaning company, ask about their ability to handle more in-depth cleanings in addition to their basic cleaning services.

Ideally, the company you hire to clean your rental property between bookings will be the same company that handles your rental’s deep cleanings, since the crew will already be familiar with your property and any unique requirements you may have.

There are a number of ways for you to save time and avoid headaches when it comes to managing your vacation rental business. By doing some research and finding the right service for your vacation rental turnover cleanings, you’re sure to get the best ratings for your rental home or property.

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