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Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Either a superhost or not, some people make a lot of money with their Airbnb rentals. Being a great host will bring you more money because you’ll get more users renting from you instead of somebody else.

So here are some tips to make you become a great host and get more cash!

Be upfront and honest about any rental issues

If there’s something weird about your rental or a tiny thing that might be uncomfortable for some or awkward, share that upfront, the honesty will pay because it won’t be caught by surprise by your hosts. You might even avoid a bad review because of that.

Flexibility is important

Being flexible with your check-in and check-out times goes a long way, remember there are delays in trips, so not having that stress of checking in time will make your guests comfortable, and make their vacation go smoother.

The extra mile

You’ve heard the saying before ‘go the extra mile, in this case it means just adding something else to your listing that isn’t written in the description or talked about. Maybe adding a special coffee for them, having fresh fruit for them while being welcomed, buying an item that they needed but you didn’t offer before, it can be many things.

A week before

Sending an email reminder a week before is a great idea. Make it personalized, share the information about the house and also share information about what they can do in their surroundings. Another important thing to consider is asking if they’ll need parking, share any information about limited parking or restrictions that can help them prepare before they arrive.

Leave them notes explaining something

Try to avoid thinking that your electronics are obvious to everybody, leave some notes explaining anything that might not be used by everybody. What to use or what not to use, or better yet, if you can give them the tour yourself explaining how to use certain items.

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